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Refurbished DipJar

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DipJar, our connected device, enables cashless generosity for engaging, joyful, and frictionless donations. It’s plug-and-play, simply power up and you’re ready for donors to start ‘dipping’!

Each DipJar requires an annual subscription. Not sure what subscription model to choose? Check out more information here.


Once you complete your DipJar purchase, you will receive an email to create your account, purchase your subscription through Recurly, and activate your DipJar(s). This email also contains instructions for sending the artwork for your customized DipJar.


DipJar is currently available only in the USA.

All accounts are subject to terms and conditions to be reviewed at the time of registration.

A $100 restocking fee applies to all returned DipJars. Returns are not accepted after 30 calendar days from the date of delivery. All DipJar equipment must be unused to be eligible for return. For more details, please see our terms of service.  Please be familiar with the information required to use DipJar.