DipJar (Blue)

DipJar (Blue)

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DipJar enables one-step collection and seamless disbursement of credit card donations, tips and sales through our easy-to-use and unique hardware.

DipJar connects via cellular connectivity to securely transmit all transactions. No cellphone, WiFi or cable hookup necessary to connect.

No integration needed: money is deposited directly into your bank account without another credit card processor. Track Dip activity, manage the DipJar dollar amount and view earnings history via online dashboard.

  • Accepts all major credit and debit cards
  • Simple transaction fees: 3% + 17¢ per dip
  • Pre-set dollar amount is adjustable
  • Provides audio and visual feedback on dip
  • Includes a one-year subscription, renewable at $39 for the second year

Once you purchase a DipJar, you will receive an email to complete registration and create your account. All accounts are subject to terms and conditions to be reviewed at the time of registration. DipJar is intended for nonprofits and corporate customers. DipJar is currently available in the USA.