Custom Donor Engagement Qleeks

Custom Donor Engagement Qleeks

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Increase your donation intake by selling Qleeks!

Qleek is an amazingly beautiful and simple piece of technology being used by businesses and nonprofits as a way to keep supporters engaged. 

By giving away a Qleek with a $20 donation, not only are you giving your donors a charming and elegant token specific to your nonprofit that they can display in their home, a Qleek actually allows donors and their friends access to exclusive content. Donors can take a photo of the code on the back of the Qleek using an iPhone or just tap it with their Android phone and get taken to content curated for you! 

Using this content and the fact that your donors will want to display this magnetic hexagon to their fridge or on their wall, you will stay top of mind with your most important supporters. You can even get access to the identity of individuals who scan your Qleek and then you can monitor content that they are accessing to see how engaged they are.

Supporters collect all Qleeks to form a Hive with all causes they most identify with.